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The Many Uses Of Horsehair

Horsehair isn’t just for brush components anymore.

OK, truthfully, it never really was. Though horsetail hair is most commonly used in brushes and for stuffing, itís had a variety of other uses as a textile throughout history. Horsehair can become many things in its second life, from a violin bow to a ceramic pot.

Here are just a few of the ways horsehair is used:

Violin bows. Itzhak Perlman would be nowhere without horsehair. Neither would Yo-Yo Ma; horsehair is used not only for violins, but for the viola, the cello and the double bass. So the next time youíre listening to classical radio or a bluegrass CD, think about the contributions horses have made to your favorite music.

Pottery. According to legend, the discovery of horsehair pottery didnít involve horsehair at all, but the hair of an Acoma Pueblo potter who accidentally brushed her hair against a pot while taking it out of the kiln. After experimenting with other media, she found that horsehair offers the best impression. To make horsehair pottery, ceramicists throw and fire their pots; then, just as they take them from the kiln, they decorate the pots with horsehair, which burns against the hot clay, leaving dark patterns of scorched carbon.

Haircloth. This is a stiff fabric made from woven horsehair or, sometimes, camel hair. Itís often fashioned into clothing or upholstery, but its sturdiness makes it ideal for other uses, such as drying malt and hops over a furnace during the brewing of beer.

Hair Weaves. Not for people Ė human hair is used more often for those. But equestrian enthusiasts and other equine fanciers often use horsetail hair weaves in their own horseís tales and manes, to make their horses more attractive for dressage events.

Jewelry. Craft jewelers make beautiful friendship bracelets by braiding horsehair. They add silver end caps and beads as accents. The possibilities are endless, and horsehair jewelry gives its wearers and earthy, rustic look.

Belts. These offer a truly western flair. Like horsehair jewelry and cloth, horsehair belts are made from horsetail hair braided together in patterns.

Brush Components. We saved the best for last. Horsehair brush components are among the best in the world. Used for paint brushes and chip brushes, horsehair is coarse enough to hold plenty of paint, but smooth enough to lay it smoothly on surfaces.

Wagman Primus is a world leader in horsehair brushes and brush components. We also offer a wide array of other brush products and brush components, such as plastic and wood paint brush handles, twisted-in-wire industrial brushes and artist supplies.