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What Are Chip Brushes?

Everyone knows what paint brushes are. And nobody ever has to ask what artist brushes, roller frames and rollers are.

But what are chip brushes?

The term “chip brushes” describes any brushes capable of performing any of a wide range of functions:

  • Chip brushes can be used for painting.
  • Chip brushes can apply glue.
  • Chip brushes are great for applying resins or acetones.
  • They can be used for big jobs or quick touch-ups.
  • They’re also great for non-application uses, like cleanups.

Chip brushes look like paint brushes, and in a way they are paint brushes, in the sense that they can be used to apply paint to a variety of surfaces. But they’re not limited to simply applying paint.

An artist who works in watercolors or oil paints might not have a use for chip brushes, because they’re generally not delicate enough for the kind of refined work that such artists do. But chip brushes make good artist brushes when they’re used for larger artistic jobs, like murals or installations.

Chip brushes are a great addition to any artist’ toolbox – but they’re also a good addition to any handyman’s toolbox as well.

At Wagman Primus, chip brushes are one of our many specialties:

Black Bristle Chip Brushes come in several sizes, ranging from half an inch to four inches.

Grey Bristle Chip Brushes are much the same; the only difference is the bristle color. Having different brushes of different bristle colors is good for differentiating between brushes. This way you won’t get your glue brush mixed up with your touch-up brush. We also carry White Bristle Chip Brushes.

Polyester Chip Brushes have polyester bristles, as opposed to horsetail hair.

Polyolefin Chip Brushes have polyolefin bristles.

Chip Brushes make up a substantial portion of our inventory at Wagman Primus, and they’re always in great demand. We’ve got a wide variety of brushes and brush components, including technical wire brushes, twisted-in wire industrial brushes, and plastic and wood paint brush handles. But chip brushes will always be a favorite.